About Us

The mission of Sierra Mental Wellness Group is to provide professional and affordable individual, couple and family counseling, crisis services, child and adolescent programs, and substance abuse treatment and prevention.  We seek to provide innovative as well as traditional approaches to solve problems and to address the identified needs of the people in and around Placer County.

Our purpose is to provide empowering therapeutic services for people of all ages, creating opportunities to heal and grow, resulting in healthy individuals, strong families, and thriving communities. Our goal is to remove barriers to services and to respond to and treat with dignity, compassion, and respect anyone who asks for our help. We embrace and celebrate cultures that are not our own and respect beliefs that we might not share. Our approach to working with clients is one of regard and is based on the recognition of the value in each and every person we see.

Sierra Mental Wellness Group is unique because there are few agencies that provide the breadth and depth of services to diverse populations in the variety of community venues that we do. Because of the variety of services offered, our therapists are extremely well-informed in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, family and couples work, treatment of children, trauma, etc. We are able to see and recognize the entire picture of what may be going on in the life of each client, both positively and negatively and then treat it as needed. We provide quality supervision. Our facilities are equipped to work with children and groups, providing the specialized treatment that sometimes comes with those populations. Having been in the community for 40 years, our knowledge of available referrals and other resources are invaluable to our clients. Finally, we provide exceptional service from start to finish.

Agency History

Sierra Mental Wellness Group, Inc. (SMWG) is a private, not for profit California corporation chartered under section 501(c)(3). SMWG began as a grassroots response to community counseling needs in Roseville in the late 1960’s and incorporated in 1970 as Roseville Area Youth Services (RAYS). In 1981, RAYS merged with Placer Awareness House in Auburn to become Sierra Family Services, Inc. acquiring a third center in Tahoe City, permitting the provision of county-wide services. In 2009 Sierra Family Services again responded to community needs and began providing services in Truckee.

Historically, SFS only provided outpatient substance abuse treatment for adults and adolescents. Over time, the agency has grown to encompass an array of services for the community, continuing to provide substance abuse treatment for adults, with specialized treatment for women and those with co-occurring disorders; comprehensive mental health treatment for children, adolescents, and adults; family therapy; and couples therapy. Specialty programs include the following groups: Parenting Enhancement, Anger Management, and a 52-week Batterer’s Intervention Program.