“Please know that you all have played such an instrumental part in making my life, as well as my children’s, 100% better.” – Kim H.


“Counseling works, for those ready to listen. Without it, Bill would be in prison, or dead. His son and I gave him a goal and reasons to try. Sierra Family Services gave him the tools to change the patterns of a lifetime.” – Bill’s wife


“This was all very new to me so I was quite apprehensive at first. Right away I was welcomed and made to feel comfortable. I am thankful that I took that first step in getting the help I need. I know I have a long road ahead of me but was able to build a strong foundation by coming here!”


“I am very happy with Jen and Malaika. They were very effective in addressing the issues that I had and have and helping me to reflect on the best way to resolve them. I am also very happy with the way that Jen and Malaika were able to get the group involved and the input of the group also helped me.”


“My experience and tenure at SMWG has been filled with growth, learning, occasional heartfelt tears, and some joyful laughs – thanks to the wonderful work environment, staff, and clients I am privileged to work with.”
Jen Lee, SMWG Staff


“SMWG is comprised of people who really care about the wellbeing of the individual and the system they belong to. Its therapists are allowed to meet their clients’ needs for success through eclectic and collaborative approaches.”
Brandy Novak, SMWG Staff


“I’m proud to be part of the great team of professionals at Sierra Mental Wellness Group. Our culture is service to the community, support for one another, and a shared commitment to providing the best services every day.”
Tami Zak, SMWG Staff


Community Leaders

“Mental health and a sense of well being are crucial to everyone’s ability to navigate the many challenges people face in life. For decades, the gifted professionals at Sierra Mental Wellness have effectively come alongside residents in our community during times of need offering their clients new insights and tools and bringing them healing and comfort. Sierra Mental Wellness Group is certain to continue to be an innovative leader in the provision of evidenced based and cost effective mental health services.”
Dr. Richard Burton, Placer County Health Officer & Director Health and Human Services